Spotlights for interiors

LED projectors and reflectors for indoor lighting; born from Melloncelli's many years of experience in the architectural and ecclesiastical sector and entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. Particularly suitable for direct, indirect and accent lighting. Compact, versatile, fanless, they require no maintenance for many years. The mimetic and homogeneous design allows to illuminate most of the environments following the most recent studies of applied lighting technology. Forks and accessories complete the extensive range.
Valorizzazione dell'opera intervento illuminotecnico - SpotLEDSpotLED
Illuminazione artistica chiese intervento - SpotLED ACCENTOSpotLED ACCENTO
Illuminazione luoghi di culto intervento - SpotLED SOLARSpotLED SOLAR
valorizzazione patrimonio storico, artistico - SpotLED MINISpotLED MINI
Progettazione audio video - SpotLED PLUSSpotLED PLUS
illuminazione artistica led - SpotLED “Maxi”SpotLED “Maxi”
Progettazione impianti audio - CESTELLOCESTELLO
Intervento edile deumidificazione - Ar111 LEDAr111 LED

Linear illuminators

New digital light sources, mimetic LEDs or simple replacement of old tubes with guaranteed maximum duration, efficiency and luminous intensity. Suitable for architectural lighting, both functional and decorative. Available in various versions, ideal for direct and indirect lighting, designed specifically for environments where respect for art and enhancement are primary conditions.
Illuminazione artistica intervento tecnico - LED barLED bar
Eliminazione umidità muri - EcotubeLEDEcotubeLED

Track spotlights

Version for track installation of traditional Melloncelli spots. Suitable for direct lighting in museums and/or industrial areas. Compact, versatile, fanless, they require no maintenance for many years.
Illuminazione luoghi di culto intervento - SpotLED BINARIOSpotLED BINARIO
valorizzazione patrimonio storico, artistico - SpotLED MINI BINARIOSpotLED MINI BINARIO
Progettazione dell’illuminazione artistica - SpotLED PLUS BINARIOSpotLED PLUS BINARIO


Our work is not just installing lighting fixtures, it is a complex and articulated process in which knowledge and experience, tradition and innovation come together. Melloncelli has always been abreast with the times, often getting ahead of the game, but without forgetting its origins as an artisan company founded back in 1843. This peculiarity is most appreciated in interventions that require unique solutions designed and manufactured for a specific request.
Sopralluogo, progettazione ed installazione impianto audio - CustomizedCustomized

Geometric illuminators

The LED allows us to innovate, to conceive new forms of light and new thicknesses. Geometrically shaped recessed or suspended; Ideal for creative direct and indirect architectural lighting.
illuminazione artistica a led - PlasmaLEDPlasmaLED

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